Warlords Raiding Meeting 12-13-14

Warlords Raiding Meeting 12-13-14

Hail and well met! A Warlords raiding meeting was held at 10pm server on December 13th as a follow up to our previous pre-expansion guild meeting. A raid was formed and we all hung out in Morgan’s garrison.

As a reminder if you have any questions, comments or concerns; please feel free to contact a guild officer. The guild officers are Shay (Ryphon in-game), Haitia, Kerrigore, Morgan, Belsae and Zytania (Zy).

A big congratulations to the guild on their probes into Highmaul where we are downing content that is above our current gear ilvl and with less than ideal raid make-ups.

With the upcoming Thursday holidays, there will be no raids scheduled for those days but if there is interest there may be raids.

Official raiding will begin January 6th. Required ilvl is 630 with gems and enchants. Mats can be provided for both. Pots and flasks will be provided as mats are available. Blizzard has removed the meat requirements from Jewelcrafting and Alchemy, but have upped the amount of herbs required. Donations of herbs and sorcerous elements are being sought in the guild bank. Healing pots have been improved and do not share cooldowns with other stat potions, please feel free to use them on raid nights.

Please remember to sign up for raids. If you are unsure if you can make a raid or not, please sign up as “tentative”. If you cannot make it after signing up, please contact the raid leaders as soon as possible.

Main raiding nights will be Tuesday/Thursday beginning at 10:30pm server time. Invites go out at 10:15pm. Please be online by 10:00pm.

The raid leads are looking for help with raid call outs, please contact the raid leads if you are interested in helping with raid call outs. However, the raid leads are responsible for calling a wipe as there are times when they are looking to push a pull as far as possible in order to see how mechanics work.

Loot rules are being reviewed and should be available soon.

BoE’s that drop in the raid will be posted up as available pieces in the forums…

Yes! We now have forums on our guild website! If you would like access, please contact Haitia for login information.

Role leads and class lead volunteers are still being sought.

Tectus, The Living Mountain has Crumbled!

Tectus, The Living Mountain has Crumbled!

Tectus, an ancient embodiment of the chaotic forces that shaped the terrain of Draenor, Tectus has been twisted and enslaved by the maddened Pale Orcs – who themselves barely maintain control over this imposing force of nature.

This boss was a crazy fun, maddening experience but we were able to get him down on our last pull of the night! Great job everyone! Many motes! Handle them!

Guild Meeting!

Guild Meeting!

A follow up guild meeting will be occurring during the week of December 7th. Please remember to sign up via the raid calendar in-game. The day with the most people available will be chosen for the meeting with recaps available to those that are unable to attend as well as a summary made available here on the website. The topic will be Raid Planning and Goals. Hope to see you there!

The Butcher Cut Down!

The Butcher Cut Down!

Born in the fetid Underbelly of Highmaul, this ogre may have once had a proper name, but it is long forgotten. Abused and beaten from his earliest days, the hardship only strengthened his body even as it broke his mind. Now there is not an ogre in Highmaul who will not give him a wide berth as he hacks away at slaughtered carcasses to pass his days.

With some nice adjustments and some quick responses, this boss was brought down by… the healers? Congratulations Havenguard and may the loots be ever in your favor!

Kargath Bladefist Down!

Kargath Bladefist Down!

First Raid Boss Down of the New Expansion!

Kargath Bladefist, Warlord of the Shattered Hand, honed his brutal skills as a slave in the ogres’ gladiatorial games. He slaughtered countless opponents for the promise of freedom, but after winning, was locked away with the other retired “champions.” Fueled by rage, Kargath tore off his own hand to escape and led a revolt that soaked Draenor in ogre blood. Now, he returns to the arena to teach you the true meaning of savagery.

Congratulations Havenguard on downing the first boss of Highmaul on opening raid night despite server issues!

Warlords Gearing Post!

Warlords Gearing Post!

Sort of!

Recent news from the Beta is that Flasks and Pots will not require the Alchemical Catalyst from the Garrison Alchemy Lab! Hurray! This means that the guild should be able to provide Flasks and Pots!

Also, we have been working hard to get everyone as many Garrosh BoA Heirloom weapons as possible as they appear to become the entry level raid weapon. Below is a graph that shows the current scaling for the Garrosh Heirlooms and a level 100 gearing guide for those interested.




Pre-Expansion Guild Meeting Notes

Pre-Expansion Guild Meeting Notes

Hail and well met! A pre-expansion guild meeting was held at 10pm server on October 20th to discuss the coming Warlords of Draenor expansion and it’s effect on the guild.

As a reminder if you have any questions, comments or concerns; please feel free to contact a guild officer. The guild officers are Shay (Ryphon in-game), Haitia, Kerrigore, Morgan, Belsae and Zytania (Zy).



  • MoP/previous xpac items are moving out of the bank. Shay will have them on a bank toon if anybody needs anything
  • Food items will yanked from the Guild Bank so they can be liquidated, if anyone needs/wants anything in particular, please contact Shay
  • The bank will be able to hold more reagent for crafting due to recent stack number changes.



  • Due to the loss of the Cash Flow guild perk and no scenarios in Warlords of Draenor, less gold will be coming to the guild. Guild repairs will be lowered to help offset this. Guilds repairs may only be activated on raid nights or the daily guild repair amount will be lowered. This issue will be revisited in the future.
  • To help offset the limited gold flow to the guild bank, guild members are highly encouraged to form guild groups to run dungeons and challenge mode dungeons (a challenge mode dungeon does not require a medal rating for completion or guild credit).
  • Zy has also graciously taken up the position of Master of Coin, also known as auction house guru to help generate funds by selling items in the guild bank. If there is an item of interest to a guild member in the guild bank, please contact an officer as soon as possible about its acquisition.



  • Anyone with an alchemist character, is highly encourage to open the alchemy building if you’d like to help contribute materials for pots and flasks for raiding
  • Pots and flasks are going to be a sticky widget due to changes in the alchemy profession
  • Pots and flasks may become a personal responsibility. This issue will be revisited in the future.



  • The new raiding system will allow us to raid without a set maximum number of people
  • Everyone is highly encourage to have a main spec and a secondary spec (Preferably a “core” spec and an opposite spec such, for some this may mean an alt. Examples would be a Druid with a tank main-spec with a DPS off-spec or DPS main-spec with a heal off-spec)
  • Currently we are looking to be able to have more flexibility to allow other people to learn other roles such as tanking or healing
  • Individuals are also being sought to become “Role Leads” to help others learn or deepen their understanding of their current or new roles or specs
  • Those interested in raiding need to send Zytania an in-game mail with their desired class and specs as well as whether they are interested in the possibility of Mythic raiding.



  • Streaming/recording for Youtube will possibly be done in the future in order to help develop strategy and for guild posterity. Will be revisited in the future.
  • Please remember to include those in guild who are not in Mumble.
MoP Guild Challenge Modes!

MoP Guild Challenge Modes!


Challenge modes were introduced in Mists of Pandaria with the possibility of awesome vanity gear, mounts and titles; in addition to a guild pet reward. This new 5-man dungeon mode was designed to test a party by scaling down gear to a 463 item level and need to be completed within a certain time to achieve a specific raitng (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Holy carp was it a challenge! Havenguard fielded a late in the expansion Challenge mode team and were able to successfully earn a Silver rating for the guild.

Currently there are plans to try again and field Challenge mode teams for Warlords of Draenor (and to possibly have a much earlier start).

Happy First Birthday Havenguard!

Happy First Birthday Havenguard!

Hurray for Havenguard! So much has happened n the past twelve months that sometimes it’s hard to believe that it was just one year ago today that we came together to create Havenguard! This was an enormous undertaking during the peak of the raiding season and sometimes the challenge felt insurmountable but we have survived and thrived! A big “THANK YOU” to everyone who has been a part of the creation and continued success of Havenguard! We can’t do it without you!

Below you will find some fun fact about some of your fellow guildmates, though be warned: the infographics may not be entirely accurate due to armory errors and my  photoshoping skills, etc.


happybday  happybday2happybday3




Raid Progress!

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