Havenguard is a an alliance guild located on (US) Steamwheedle Cartel. We are a friends and family casual raiding guild that does its best to support its membership in all its endeavors. The guild is largely active in the evenings between 9:00pm – 12:00am server time.

Our raiding schedule is typically Tuedays/Thursdays from 11:30pm – 2:30am server time. We also run flex raiding on Saturdays from 10:30pm – 1:30am server time. Guild/Guildie ran LFR’s are ran throughout the week as participation and interest allows.  Fun runs for mounts and achievements are run Sunday between 10:30pm – 2:30am server time.


Guild ranks Explanation:

Kaizer – “Leader in old Norse” – Officer rank with Guild invite, bank and gold withdrawal. Authenticator required rank.

Styraesman – “Ship Captain” – Raider rank with bank withdrawal privileges and a higher repair allowance. Authenticator required rank.

Frieher – “European Baron” – Social rank with limited bank access and repair allowance. Authenticator required rank.

Entry – Initiate rank.

Cone of Shame – No one likes the Cone of Shame.