Basic Guild Rules

1. The purpose of this guild is to help one another. If you are in this guild for any other reason than to help and support other members and have a good time together, you are in the wrong guild. We are more than willing to help when we are able.

2. You are a representative of this guild. Please act accordingly.

3. No bashing, backbiting, or bullshit. In this guild, drama is to be kept to a minimum. If you can’t be civil to someone in public, don’t talk to them or about them. There will be no sniping in /g, in tells, or on the forums. If you feel you have a legitimate grievance, approach an officer for a private resolution.

4. Respect your guild mates. People are entitled to their own opinions. If you disagree, then do so respectfully.  Note that this does not extend to the normal sarcasm with which we deal with one another, but everyone can tell the difference between good-natured ribbing and being an asshole. Assholes will not be tolerated. If you feel you have a legitimate grievance, please approach an officer for a resolution.

5. We are a diverse group with unique individuals that come from many unique backgrounds. As such, we are mindful of the language choices we use in this guild. For example, use of words like retard or fag are not acceptable. We want to keep our guild a safe place for all people and thusly language like this will not be tolerated.

You will be given a warning if you break these rules. Consider the reading of these rules as an additional warning. Failure to heed this warning will result in removal from the guild.

The officers can’t be everywhere at the same time. We rely on our guild members to help keep our guild a fun, productive place to be. If you see someone out of compliance with our code of conduct, please screenshot it and PM it to an officer. Other witnesses would also be helpful. If someone outside of the guild has a complaint about a member, please refer them to an officer for remediation.

tl:dr version, don’t be a jerk.


All rules are subject to change.