Guild Bank Rules

1. Take only what you need. If you need 5 pieces of Silk Cloth for example, don’t take the whole stack of 20.

2. No gold withdrawals. Gold in the GB will be put back into the guild as Officers/GM sees fit. Such as purchasing consumables for raids, members’ equipment repairs or buying more GB tabs.

3. If an initiate needs something from the GB, the initiate must ask someone of officer rank or higher.

4. No withdrawing items or mats from the GB for the explicit purpose of selling them to a vendor or in the AH unless allowed by an officer or the guild leader.

5. No hording items, and taking them just because you have withdrawals left.

6. Abuse of the GB can and will result in the removal of your privileges by guild rank demotion or in many cases can result in permanent removal from the guild.


All rules are subject to change.