Loot Rules

The loot rules for Havenguard’s Tuesday/Thursday Runs and the Pending Heroic Run are as follows:


3 Roll Types*

Main Spec  >  Off Spec**  >  Transmog


Main Spec –

  • Upgrades

Item Level

Better Secondaries

  • Tester Items

Main Spec Item you want to test

Weapon Changes (ex. Caster staff to 1 main hand+off hand).


Off Spec –

  • Not your main spec

If you have a second spec you are working on.

DPS -> Tank or Healer

Weapon type change, mace -> dagger; 2h -> 1h; Caster ->melee

  • Tertiary Stats – Provided you have the item


Gem Socket

Avoidance, Speed, Etc.

  • BoE items for Registered Alts



 If you want a pretteh Item

Will cost one Temporal Crystal (or fair value in gold) in exchange at time of roll.


*Raid Leads (Those of the Officer Rank “Bani” currently Donika, Morgan, and Zy) have final say on which category the roll ends up in.

**A piece will not be awarded OS if it does not fall into the category of OS specifically. It will instead be disenchanted in order to build up the guild reserves of Temporal Crystals.

Raid Progress!

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